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We request art to give every artist a chance!

If you've been requested, don't just sit there!

:iconpinkheartsplz: :iconpinkheartsplz: :iconwelcomesignplz::iconpinkheartsplz: :iconpinkheartsplz:

This group is made to share your art with the world.

It's all about you here!
Any and every work of art is accepted, regardless of skill.
We love you and your art at this group!
So come on in and join us!


I frequently send invites to deviants who are online. If at some
point during the day one of you goes offline, then I will withdraw
the invite. That doesn't mean i don't want you here- join in and
join the fun!

Now for a few rules, don't worry it's not that much to read.

1.) Don't submit stolen art. You will be banned.

2.)Treat everyone here with the up most respect.

3.)Love and couples are allowed here theres is a folder for that.

4.)Please,please no spamming here. We have a place for that:….

5.)Now for the mature folder, nudity is allowed but please no too explicit porn or any type that will have us banned

6.)No bad messages or cursing out any one please

7.)Have a good time!:D

~If more then 3 rules are broken,you will be notified and will be removed~


Please read these group guidelines before submitting.

Remember the motto here.

Keep Calm and ART on!

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Group Info

This group is about sharing your wonderful art! All artists and join requests are accepted!
Welcome to the new universe.

~Keep calm and ART on~
Founded 3 Years ago
May 7, 2013


Group Focus
Art Creation

19,139 Members
15,531 Watchers
352,677 Pageviews
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Hi everyone

I would like to feature a video game YouTube channel - and the "artist" behind it is "Sore Thumbs Bill":…. This is the first journal entry that I submit on DeviantArt Universe - so I should say that normally I feature digital and traditional artists, this one is a first for me.

:iconfoxwhoopsplz: by foxwhoopsplz

Before you start asking why his thumbs are sore - it has something to do with the way he plays video games. I don't know what else he may be up to with his thumbs, but for better or for worse I shall not be thinking about it.

ST Bill's YouTube channel is a haven of indie and popular video games, which he records for his subscribers to watch. I know - there's plenty of people out there who record video games. What's different about Bill and his thumbs?

:iconfoxwhaplz: by foxwhaplz

Bill's approach is fresh, different and very cinematic. In an age where your average YouTube gamer is either a psychopath, a freak show or a photogenic icon of lust, ST Bill is none of these. He is a straight talking, down to business chap who records the game from start to end - with no retakes and no BS. His approach is to:

1. Pick a fun game
2. Play his thumbs off - literally - until he perfects the performance.
3. Record it from start to finish in the most cinematic way possible, with no retakes.

:iconfoxrawrplz: by foxrawrplz

The result is a journey through the entire video game, recorded from start to finish, often with a flawless performance. Sometimes he enjoys taking the most difficult route through the game, either to entertain you or perhaps to prove to himself that he can do it. Had it not been for the fact that I have met him, I would have thought that he is a cyborg or some kind of bot.

Perhaps the most incredible thing about this guy is his personal journey, though I'm afraid Bill won't allow me to say a great deal!

Never give up! Never give in! Keep up the great work Bill, and thank you for allowing me to write this feature (I REALLY had to convince the guy). He deserves a lot more credit than he is getting, so please show him some love!

Featured Video 1:

STBill says:
Sans is one of the hardest boss fights in gaming history, forcing many keyboard warriors to quit their genocide run on Undertale. How can you make this boss even harder? Make a cringy meme in Sanic fashion and a "song" that can cause ear bleeding? Can you survive the cancer?

Featured Video 2:

STBill says:
This is a fun mod that allows you to control the final boss of Mortal Kombat 9. Because Shao Kahn is a boss he has few moves you can use but his ourageous x-ray (super), gory fatalities and taunts make this a lot of fun!

Featured Video 3:

STBill says:
A very popular RPG Maker survival horror. I decided to take the challenge and beat it without saving (enemies kill you in one hit). There is a small bonus near the end (for beating the game without saving!) revealing more of the story. Long video, 1 hour 30 minutes - so grab some pop corn and enjoy the horror.

:iconfoxghostplz: by foxghostplz

Featured Video 4:

STBill says:
The final bonus stage in HuniePop (ecchi game). This is the strategy to win, you need an insane amount of points (named affction) to win.

winter-of-hearts *nosebleeds*

Featured Video 5:

STBill says:
One of my newest videos. This one shows how to beat all the story mode on Titan (hardest setting) and trials bosses.
*****This message is from UAC's founder, not me. He asked me to share this with you. ******

Hello, I'm DrinkTeaOrDie, the current owner of :iconunknown-artists-club:. We are currently looking for more admins and I'm actually looking for someone to take over as owner of the group due to my busy schedule.

Here is the link to the journal: unknown-artists-club.deviantar…

Thanks for your time,
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These groups are friends of Da's Universe, we love them and support them and hopefully they support us too!


PS: Just a friendly note: Ads on our page will be MARKED AS SPAM. Wanna advertise? Pay 5 points to Kiwikku

Wanna learn how to draw awesome cartoons?

Here's a link:


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LuigiPunch Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2016  Student General Artist
Sunnyre Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think digital art 1 & 2 folder are full... >w< 
winter-of-hearts Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2016
I made new folders for these and I archived the old ones :)
Sunnyre Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aaaw I don't know why I can't submit in these folders ;A; Sorry ! >_< 
winter-of-hearts Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2016
Please check again now - I think I fixed it.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
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SomeRandomIrishDude Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
How do I leave this group I've been a member for about five years now and this group has done nothing for my art.
LindaBostic Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Sorry...didn't know I had to choose a folder!
MZimmer1985 Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2016
All right, how come not only our submissions have to be reviewed, but now our submission limit is 2 a week? What happened?
winter-of-hearts Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2016
The change for reviewing submissions was implemented long before I joined as  Moderator, so I'm not sure how to answer that question. However, I can tell you from my experience with other groups that a review system is normally used to reduce the number of submissions into wrong folders and to make sure that submissions are appropriate for the group.

The submission limit is to make Moderation manageable and above all, to make sure that members do not spam-submit a very large number of (irrelevant) submissions which bring the folders to full capacity. I realise that some groups don't use submission limits, but other groups I Moderate in have been victim to hundreds of spam-submissions by members. Kicking those members did not seem to solve the problem, but a submissions limit has resolved it entirely. Some also argue that a submissions limit ensures that an artist's favourite submissions are sent, making it easier and more pleasant for those members who browse the group galleries in search of new and exciting Art to watch.

This group currently receives around 100 submissions per day, but there are no plans to reduce the submission limit at the moment. It is not uncommon for groups that receive this many submissions to have a monthly, instead of a weekly, limitation.
MZimmer1985 Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2016
Oh, well that's understandable. Seems like the group is very heavily involved. I wouldn't want to make things too stressful.
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